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Summer Exhibition 2022: Art as Inspiration

Summer Exhibition 2022: Art as Inspiration

new fields. IInternational artists are constantly coming and going to Joachim Eckl’s, who has pitched his tents in the old warehouse in Neufelden. For the summer of the Lagerhaus starting July 27, you can find some and their work in this special place.

Art in the context of art: This is the basic idea behind this year’s Lagerhaus summer, titled Add/Plus+. Joachim Eckl opens up his field of work and invites other artists to add their installations, photographs, photographs or sculptures. The Heim.Art artist describes: “The field of art should be used as a source of inspiration and impulse.”

Art meets art

For example, three New York guests can be seen in the three rooms of the Vienna Hilton: David Tubli Anderson displays his priceless paintings, Laura Daquila reveals more about “Smile and Hope” and Gregg LeFevre displays bronze maps, among other things, under the “Crumpled Icon”.

German artist Hannes Wegert joins Sonnenwasserfeld Eckl; The work of Michael Pisaro-Liu from Los Angeles completes the Mühlwasser room. Karlheinz Tritschler and young photo artist Michaela Haider from Neufelden meet on the ground floor of the warehouse and Pink Noise is added to Green Pictures by Markus Kaiser. And last but not least, Dutch composer Germaine Sijstermans will show her room compositions.

The Summer Lagerhaus at Heim.Art Station in Neufelden (Unternberg 6) will open with a concert on Wednesday, July 27 at 7:30 pm. Exhibitions can be viewed until the end of September, Thursday to Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm or by appointment at [email protected]

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