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Estelle & Oscar of Sweden: Pure Ecstasy: Royal robes freak out here

Estelle & Oscar of Sweden: Pure Ecstasy: Royal robes freak out here

Hops in the air and cheers among the Swedish royals are rarely seen. see most of the time King Carl Gustaf (75) and loved ones With a charming look and a friendly smile on your face. But her pretty little dress Estelle from Sweden (9) was replaced in the bright yellow jersey of the Swedish national football team on Saturday 9 October. Together with their parents Crown Princess Victoria (44) and Prince Daniel (47) And the little brother Oscar (5) The little princess attended the World Cup qualifiers between the Swedish national team and the Kosovar national team at the Stockholm Friends Stadium. Estelle was so prolific that we rarely saw her. Exhilaration, eyes wide, and I clapped with my father: As Oscar clapped his hands timidly, Estelle panicked. The crown prince’s family can look forward to three goals that led to Sweden’s victory. Estelle and Oscar It’s a true lucky charm!

Ecstasy on a family outing: In the video above, you can watch the adorable shots of Estelle and Oscar from Sweden alongside their parents Victoria and Daniel on the football field.

Estelle and Oscar from Sweden: The royals are in football fever

who – which Estelle and Oscar Sweden They are ardent football fans, as the royal sons prove on a family outing at the Stockholm football stadium. But the children of Crown Princess Victoria not only cheer for their heroes on the field, Estelle and Oscar love the show, too. What they can do on the ball themselves. With mischievous smiles on their faces, the cute little royal family charmed people on a summer family outing. Football can’t be missing either. whether Estel and Oscar Did they beat Abi Daniel in a family duel? LITTLE PRINCESS CONFIDENT OF VICTORY: Estelle’s confident posture says a lot!

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Cheeky looks and good mood: Watch the video below for a great shot of Estelle and Oscar of Sweden playing football with Prince Daniel.