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EU and US appeal to divided Georgian political camps – Politics –

Struggles have been going on in Georgia for months
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The European Union and the United States have called on MEPs in Georgia to sign an agreement to end the domestic political crisis. The EU Foreign Service and the US State Department said in a joint statement on Sunday that the institutional reforms proposed in the speech would mark an important step in Georgia’s democratic development and benefit its citizens significantly.

Its purpose is to have a more independent judiciary, better electoral processes and a parliament that best reflects the voices of the people in Georgia. The European Union has long sought to mediate the internal political conflict in Georgia. The agreement will be proposed by EU Council President Charles Michael, the statement said.

Georgia is in a domestic political crisis after the parliamentary elections in late October. The opposition, which sees the ruling Georgia’s dream party as manipulating official victory, has boycotted the new parliament and called for new elections. There have always been mass demonstrations. Most recently, Prime Minister George W. Bush resigned two months after taking office. The new head of government is former defense minister Irakli Karibashvili. Millionaire and former prime minister Fidgina Ivanishvili is said to be pulling the strings behind the government and the Georgian dream, although she is not in a public position. The United National Movement, the leading opposition party, is being instigated on social media by exiled former president Mikhail Saakashvili.

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