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Two people have died in a Tesla crash in the United States

Two people have been killed in a Tesla car accident in the United States. When they arrived at the scene, police found the driver’s seat empty.

With autonomous driving, according to preliminary police information Tesla– Two people have had a dangerous accident in the United States. The vehicle was nearby Saturday evening Houston A police spokesman said Sunday that he lost his road in Texas and crashed into a tree.

“There was no one in the driver’s seat.” The Wall Street Journal, which first reported the crash, quoted a police spokesman as saying the cause of the crash was still being investigated, but that “we are almost 99.9 percent certain.”

The vehicle burned out

One of the occupants was sitting in the front passenger seat and the other was sitting in the back seat. According to the local TV station, it should be a Tesla Model S. The accident escalated into flames.

Tesla warns on its website that its driver assistance systems will not make cars fully autonomous and that active monitoring of the driver is essential. However, on online networks, you can often see videos of drivers not holding hands on the steering wheel for long or falling asleep.

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