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US, China take joint action against climate change – Politics –

US, China take joint action against climate change – Politics –

Kerry on Climate Work in China

The United States and China want to work together to tackle the pressing problem of climate change. U.S. Climate Officer John Kerry and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinhua said in Shanghai. They stressed that the climate crisis “must be resolved with the necessary seriousness and urgency.” Kerry was the first member to visit China under the administration of President Joe Biden.

He reiterated his hope that the two countries would be able to work together despite political tensions. The two largest economies in the world, which account for more than half of the greenhouse gas emissions, have announced that they will intensify “respective measures” for climate protection and participate in “multilateral processes” such as the Paris Climate Protection Agreement.

Former Secretary of State Kerry’s visit served as a preparation for a virtual climate summit organized by the United States on April 22 and 23, for which he was invited by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Biden has made the fight against global warming one of his main concerns. His predecessor, Donald Trump, expelled the United States from the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change, thereby making the United States an international alien in climate policy. After taking office in January, Biden immediately returned to the contract.

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