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EuregioFamilyPass awarded by the European Union |  Tyrol country

EuregioFamilyPass awarded by the European Union | Tyrol country

Family Benefits Card from Euregio Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino wins the “REGIOSTARS Awards 2023” competition

  • One out of a total of 30 projects – first prize in the category “Europe Close to Citizens”
  • The Audience Award went to the Bulgarian project

EuregioFamilyPass has been the cross-border benefits card for families in South Tyrol, Tyrol and Trentino since 2017. Families with minor children can benefit from discounts and discounts by simply presenting the card. In the summer, EuregioFamilyPass was a finalist in the “REGIOSTARS Awards 2023” as one of 30 projects in six categories. Each year, this award highlights projects that demonstrate new approaches to regional development. At a ceremony held in Ostrava, Czech Republic, yesterday, Thursday, EuregioFamilyPass received first prize in the “Europe Closer to Citizens” category.

State governors congratulate

“It gives me great pleasure to congratulate all participants of the EuregioFamilyPass project for winning the REGIOSTARS awards. EuregioFamilyPass is an outstanding project in the European region of Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino. I am very pleased that this has been approved by European Union“The commission is recognized with this award,” he says. LH Anton Mattel. “This award represents great recognition for our Cross-Border Family Benefit Card, which makes the European region tangible for families in all three parts of the country,” says South Tyrol. LH And the current president of Euregio Arno Compacher convinced. Trentino LH Maurizio Fugate He added: “I am happy with this important recognition at the European level. It emphasizes the importance of this project for families in the Orgio region. EuregioFamilyPass provides families with many economic benefits, but is also a tool to strengthen social cohesion between the three countries.

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Citizens were able to vote

Since mid-September, they have also been able to do so European Union-Citizens participate in selecting the winning projects: Until a few days ago, it was possible to vote online on which of the final projects would receive the Audience Award. This award was finally awarded to the Bulgarian project “Cultural Arts Centre”. All winning projects of the “REGIOSTARS Awards 2023” can be viewed at the following link: can be seen.

EuregioFamilyPass wins communication campaign

This year, more than 200 projects applied for the award, which the European Commission grants for the sixteenth time to the most innovative regional projects. European Union– Funded projects. In addition to public recognition for the project, EuregioFamilyPass won a local communication campaign, which is implemented in collaboration with European Union-Implemented by the General Directorate of Reggio.