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European Games: Lil Zoo Dances Bronze in Break

European Games: Lil Zoo Dances Bronze in Break

The gold medal in the Nowy Sacz event went to France’s Dani, who defeated Dutchman Minou 2-1 in the grand final. In the women’s category, India from the Netherlands secured the title with a clear 3-0 victory over Stephanie from Ukraine. The Lithuanian Nika won the small final and the bronze, defeating the Italian counter-finalist with a score of 2: 1.

In the quarterfinals, Lil Zoo initially capitalized on an injury to his opponent Lagaet, which the Frenchman had sustained during a powerful move in the first round of the fight. Lil Zoo did not have to compete in the second round and won clear 2-0. From the semi-finals, three rounds were danced. Apparently the 29-year-old Lil Zoo, who goes by Fouad Ambelj regardless of his stage name and lives in Tyrol, was beaten by Menno by 0:3.

“It was great”

Lil Zoo’s starring record has been mixed. “I’m not 100% satisfied because I was a bit tired and couldn’t do my best. The event was great, the opponents are very strong. I want to do it better in Next time”.

Geba / Patrick Steiner

The top three at the award ceremony, for Danny (M) there was also the Olympic ticket in addition to the gold

The trend-breaking sport will be part of the Olympic Games in Paris for the first time next year. The winner of the European Games, India from the Netherlands for women and Dani from France for the men, each get a starting spot for the Games. Lil Zoo really wants to go to Paris. “It is and always will be my big dream to represent Austria at the Olympic Games. I believe in that and will now work even harder to achieve that goal.”

Competition rules to break

In playoffs, two knockouts compete against each other in fights. One of them starts dancing, and the other responds. At the European Games, nine judges (five at the Olympics in Paris) evaluate performance based on six criteria: creativity, personality, technique, variety, performance, and music.

Basic crushing movements

Top Rock Wanzl: The top boulder is the foundation of every cracking fight, and it’s dancing standing up. The kasir dances and prepares to lower, that is, to obtain a position on the floor.

footwork: The translation is appropriate here. He dances elegantly with his ripper feet. When you see this movement, you know it’s breaking.

freeze: In the event of a freeze, the breaker holds the body in place for a few seconds. Usually off the ground using only your hands for support. In the frozen state, the post is kept in the most impressive form. The body remains completely still, and the freeze is usually performed downward – standing on the hands or fixing the body on the elbows or on the head.

Power Moves: These are some of the most dynamic moves and acrobatic tricks in any battle break. Elements that often, but not necessarily, involve rotation around arbitrary axes. When performing power moves, the cutter often twists and turns his entire body, using everything for support. Power moves can also be used in conjunction with Freeze or as a finale to a battle.

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