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European Games: Seyfriedsberger takes home the gold

European Games: Seyfriedsberger takes home the gold

European games

Jacqueline Sifriedsberger took home the gold medal on the normal hill at the European Games in Poland on Tuesday. Upper Austria prevailed against Slovenia’s Nika Brevc, and Sevridsberger’s teammate Marita Kramer took home the bronze. This increased the yield of precious metals in Austria to twelve, five of them gold.

Seyfriedsberger had already taken the lead in Zakopane after the first round, and after jumping 99 and 98.5 meters, he was 0.3 points ahead of Breivc (97.5/100.5). As the third-place finisher, Kramer (100.0/93.5) was a respectable distance away and was 20 points behind her winning teammate. With Chiara Kreuzer finishing sixth, another ÖSV jump made it into the top ten. Julia Muhlbacher ranked 13th, and Hannah Vigil ranked 17th.

There was a lot of confusion at the finish line because the speaker gave wrong results in the decision. According to this, Seyfriedsberger would only have finished second, after Kramer’s jump had already been declared an incorrect fourth place. Seifriedsberger didn’t really celebrate at first, but then was informed of her victory by teammate Kreuzer in front of the cameras. “Wow, that’s unbelievable,” said the 32-year-old.

Zakopane is great for me.

In Zakopane, on February 28, 2008, she had already won the junior world championship. “He was still on the old hill at the time, so I was looking forward to coming back. Zakopane is great for me, it was a tough competition,” said Seyfriedsberger.

At the request of the organizing country, and after the inclusion of winter sports in the competition calendar, men and women will compete on the mat this week, from Tuesday to Saturday, on a regular and large hill, in addition to a mixed competition. It is the premiere ski jumpers at a major summer event.

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Final score after two rounds:
1. Jacqueline Seyfriedsberger AUT 99.0 / 98.5 262.6
2. Nika Breivc SLO 97.5 / 100.5 262.3
3. Marietta Kramer AUT 100.0 / 93.5 242.6
4. Nika Kriznar SLO 93.0 / 98.0 238.6
5. Katra Kumar SLO 93.5 / 95.5 236.8
6. Kiara Crozier AUT 91.0 / 97.0 234.0
7. Irene Maria Cavandall no 95.5 / 93.0 228.1
VIII. Selina Friday M 90.0 / 94.0 227.9
9. Anna Odin Strom no 92.5 / 85.0 226.6
10 Thea Minyan Bjorseth no 92.0 / 91.0 220.8
13. Julia Mulbacher AUT 85.5 / 90.0 211.6
17 Hannah Wigley AUT 79.5 / 86.0 197.3