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Even Standards Are Not Fixed » Leadersnet

Even Standards Are Not Fixed » Leadersnet

| Editorial Board

| 08/23/2023

Helmut Pischel, Chairman Engineering offices of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce, interviewed Leaders Net. TV Karl Grune, Director of Standards Development, Austrian Standards, talks about the meaning and importance of standards.

In fact, there is no longer an area where standards and rules are not used or required. Because: “What would the world be like without standards?” Helmut Päschel asks and illustrates this idea with examples: “Imagine that you want to brush your teeth, but you have bristles in your mouth because they have fallen out of the toothbrush or you want to blow-dry them.” There are currently 23,566 standards in Austria.

How is the standard created?

“In the beginning, there is always one question: how does the interoperability between systems, the repeatability of test procedures and the safety of products and services work, says Carl Grune. First, the application must be submitted, not according to Austrian standards, but by stakeholders, ”explains the development manager Standards.

This project request is subject to public comment, which means that virtually anyone can comment on this request. “As Austrian standards, we have a duty to inform the public about such applications.” After that, the applications are again evaluated by specialized committees, and the question arises: “Is it necessary to develop such a standard?”

How to ensure that stakeholders develop a standard for the benefit of the community – not their own – and how to name the standard from where it comes from, revealed by Grün im Leaders Net. TV interview.

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