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Excessive iodine content – importer recalls of “YUTAKA Sushi Nori” – product warnings – product recalls and consumer warnings

Winkelbauer GmbH reports the recall of the article “YUTAKA Sushi Nori 11g (10)” with best dates before 4 November 2022, 6 November 2022 and 10 November 2022. According to company reports, a possible health risk cannot be ruled out if larger quantities are consumed due to lack of information Advertisement of the quantitative use of the product and its high iodine content.

So it is not recommended to consume the substance!

attentionAffected material

Photo: OTS / Winkelbauer GmbH

Material: YUTAKA SUHI NORI 11g
BBD: 04.11.2022 + 06.11.2022 + 10.11.2022
EAN Number: 5014276130038
Reason: increased iodine content (risk to health)
Importer: Winkelbauer GmbH

Products from these batches must be taken out of circulation immediately and may not be resold to final consumers.

We recommend returning the affected batches to the respective points of sale or to the relevant online retailers.

Consumer information
Manufacturers, dealers or sellers of the product(s) in question are the reported end customers, but in our opinion not sufficiently. There is no guarantee that as many end users as possible will also receive this information

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