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System Shock: The system has been improved

System Shock: The system has been improved

the System shockThe remake, based on the popular 1994 sci-fi action game, today received a content update to version 1.2 for PC, which includes an expanded ending, a new pirate heroine and dozens of gameplay improvements.

Patch v1.2 for System shock Includes a reworked ending and an optional pirate heroine, as well as numerous improvements, game improvements, and bug fixes.

Players who return to Citadel Station to confront SHODAN – the original rogue AI with evil intentions – will receive improved enemies (including new attacks and behaviors) and updated game balance. The patch also introduces a new waypoint system for easier difficulty System shock a.

Upcoming console versions of System shock – Will be released in both physical and digital formats on May 21st – Includes all content and improvements from PC patch v1.2.

Full patch notes here:

New edition of System shock It combines the gameplay of the popular original game with all-new HD graphics, updated controls, a redesigned interface, and new sounds and music. Nightdive Studios worked closely with several members of the original System Shock team, including Terri Brosius, the original voice of one of gaming's most iconic antagonists, SHODAN.

System shock Key Features v1.2:

  • The story of the rise of Shodan and the secrets of Castle Station are revealed and the truth is revealed in this sci-fi world.
  • The adorable evil SHODAN has set up dangerous traps, puzzles, and a host of hostile and mutant creatures for players.
  • A newly revised ending expands on the final showdown with Shodan!
  • Choose between a male or female protagonist
  • Improved mouse and keyboard interface and improved gamepad support
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