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Finally, Google officially brings the new Chromecast to Austria

Finally, Google officially brings the new Chromecast to Austria

end of 2020 Google has the current version of its own streaming dongle for the first time Foot. However, in Austria, it was no higher than the official level Google Store Available but it was gray import They are purchased through external sellers. This is now changing, Google announced. far June 21 2022 Customers can use Chromecast with Google TV OFFICIAL IN STORE €69.99 to buy. Pre-orders will be aB May 31 Approved.

Much has changed compared to previous models. This is how Chromecasts got long Without a remote control Delivered. Instead, it was controlled via smartphone, tablet, or alternatively via PC or Mac. In compatible applications, a send button Displayed and the content is displayed on the TV to which the Chromecast is connected.

Now with the remote control

The cast button is still there – meanwhile, the new Chromecast also has a remote control in. This allows you to navigate through the Google TV user interface and start or use related applications. All popular streaming apps are represented, from within the company Youtube above Netflix or + AppleTV.

The remote itself comes with a dedicated YouTube and Netflix button. In addition, at the push of a button Google Assistant called called. If set up, you can be smart home control and like that Turn the lights on and off or have a look at doorbell camera Throw – if from Google Nest.

You can also use the remote control for Turn the TV on and off as well as the sound Adjust or change channels.

4K Ready

The new Chromecast is of course 4K And the HDR ready It supports a refresh rate of up to 60 frames per second. It also supports Dolby Vision Such as Dolby Audio Content via hdmi pass-through.

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