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Exhibition – Eva-Maria Piribauer’s latest work can be seen at Schuh-Mühle

Exhibition – Eva-Maria Piribauer’s latest work can be seen at Schuh-Mühle

While Marzerin Eva-Maria Piribauer used to paint conceptually, she is currently guided by her intuition and works impulsively. Works created in this way will be on display from April 13th – 6 p.m. – at the Schuh-Mühle Schattendorf. “It happens in the street and the idea for this project developed in the street. About the communication I have in the studio, or in front of the studio, with people who come and look at my paintings. During walks and the conversations I have with others. These conversations are often about things that are essential, spontaneous and intuitive. These is how the idea for this project came about and this is how my painting has evolved over the past few weeks – spontaneous, intuitive and impulsive. After that, I also choose my colors,” she describes the inspiration for her latest work.

“I have been teaching communication and personal development since 2015 and I really enjoy doing it. In January I had the idea to show this work to a wider audience and combine my drawing with my teaching. It would be a small public procedure as part of Schuhmühle’s vernissage on perception. In three Quiet exercises, the audience is invited to become aware of themselves, others and space,” continues the 42-year-old, who wants to take a stand against our fast-moving times.

On May 13, another workshop with Eva-Maria Piribauer on the topic “Together – a project for society” will take place in Schuh-Mühle. Here too, the central motto will be ‘Perceptions’, as difficult topics are also dealt with using speaking exercises. Register at