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Copyright Infringement: George R.R. Martin filed a lawsuit against the developers of ChatGPT

Copyright Infringement: George R.R. Martin filed a lawsuit against the developers of ChatGPT

Several American authors are suing the developer of ChatGPT for copyright infringement. They accuse OpenAI of using their books to train AI without their consent.

Author of “Game of Thrones”. George R.R. Martin Other famous writers have contacted ChatGPT developer OpenAI about Claims of copyright infringement File a lawsuit against.

In the class action lawsuit, the Authors Guild represented the Guild of American Writers and other authors Martin and John Grisham The California startup was accused of using its books to train artificial intelligence without its consent.

“Systematic theft”

The “flip” of the large language models used to train ChatGPT relies on “systematic theft at scale,” says the class action lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court in New York. These linguistic modelsEndangering the lives of writers“Because it allows anyone to automatically and for free (or very cheaply) create texts that they would otherwise have to pay authors for.”

With the help of ChatGPT, you can create content… A style imitated by writersThe prosecutors continued. “Conversely,” intentional copying turns “plaintiffs’ works into engines for their own destruction.”

“Quick permission” is missing

Plaintiffs also demand DamagesThat’s right there Copyrighted books It may not be used “without express permission” to develop generative AI technology algorithms. OpenAI did not immediately respond for comment.

The company relied on mountains of text found across the Internet to feed its language model for ChatGPT. The algorithm allows the chatbot to communicate with users via text messages. However, OpenAI has never revealed exactly which websites and fonts are used for this purpose.

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