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Intelligent systems for old buildings

Intelligent systems for old buildings

“More and more people are relying on high-quality solutions for renovations.”

Norbert Hammer

General Manager Ciplic

Therefore, more attention is paid to renovation. Hammer sees great potential there: “Until now, the customer segment has not been served by specialized retailers, but by do-it-yourself solutions.” But recently he has also seen a trend towards higher-quality solutions here.

“People don't want to have anything to do with the job; the electrician has to install it.” Therefore, a new business channel was opened with new products for this sector. However, in terms of sales, there is still a long way to go to get to the new building, Hammer admits.

Heating is usually the focus of renovations

In any case, there is no competition with alarm system providers because Ciplic is primarily concerned with heating. “We can also install room thermostats on radiators in older buildings and thus enable individual control of the room. This means significant savings in heating energy.” In addition, a single customer contact is provided for the entire solution. If you already have a KNX BUS system, you can have existing motion detectors or glass break sensors built into the system.

While Hammer calls for planning at least one empty pipe for subsequent smart home applications in new buildings, things are more complicated in older buildings. Because wireless solutions don't work everywhere. “For example, precast concrete walls can be an obstruction, which is why we measure this beforehand.” However, in 90 percent of inquiries, it will work primarily with shading and individual room thermostats.

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This can especially help people living in apartment buildings, as basic renovation work is often not expected there. Hammer: “The advantage is that you can expand our solutions and take them with you. Plus, a lot of people don't want to invest in someone else's property.” What matters to users is convenience, which specifically means ease of control via the mobile app.

Controlling shading, heating and lighting saves energy and costs

It is primarily about the different possible applications. Intelligent shading control not only precisely controls the light incidence rate and room temperature, but also saves energy and costs. The diverse possibilities of smart shading go beyond just moving up and down. The smart solution makes it possible to let sunlight in only when desired, all automatically. Residents always maintain control of the home and can intervene manually at any time.

Individual heating control for each room saves energy and costs, because in older buildings there is usually only one thermostat for the entire area and possibly a night setback. With a smart home solution, pre-set heating coils ensure that only rooms in use are heated, resulting in significant savings. Intelligent heating control adapts to the residents' daily rhythm. Even unused rooms like basements or home offices can be heated efficiently without unnecessarily wasting energy.

With the help of intelligent lighting control, light scenes can be created and adjusted individually according to the needs and preferences of residents. This could be, for example, dim lights to guide you in at night or bright lights in the bathroom to start the day. Thanks to the simple integration, these solutions can also be used in a rented apartment, without any lifting or modifications.

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Tony's 24-hour independent living assistant

Seniors, as well as people who need help, feel more comfortable within their four walls. Tony is a 24-hour service assistant who makes life at home possible.

This makes independent living in old age or in supported facilities safer and more comfortable for those affected and their relatives. Tony is an assistance and alarm system that gives the elderly or disabled the opportunity to retain their personal freedom. Caregivers, such as families or professionals, are notified in the event of an emergency.

“Tony” is a smart home function that does more than the usual blind control, energy efficiency, lighting scenes and everything that defines the classic image of a smart home. The KNX system can be integrated with many other appliances using additional devices, including voice control, for example turning on and off the TV, stove, oven, etc.