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FACC no longer transports expensive aircraft across half of Europe »Ledersent

FACC no longer transports expensive aircraft across half of Europe »Ledersent

| Diane Filipovic

| 12/01/2022

The company wants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and save costs through the concept of sustainable packaging.

FACC AG has to safely transport thousands of aircraft parts each month. With an export rate of up to 100 percent, Austrian top aviation supplier logistics and associated packaging are very important in the company. This is where the group comes in and, with its new sustainable packaging concept, wants to take another step in the “CO2” direction.2Neutral production.

Sustainable packaging as a solution

For smaller parts, only recycled cardboard packaging materials should be used, no plastic. For larger items and for overseas deliveries, FACC produces bubble wrap from the same sustainable materials. This should be made up of 40 percent recycled materials and 100 percent carbon dioxide2– Neutral produced.

When transporting film, it takes about 25 times less space, and according to the group, that means many truck trips and about 40 tons of carbon dioxide a year.2 finish. This means that there is no longer a need to transport so much expensive air across Europe. The film has been tested and approved by the group specifically for aviation use.

Sustainability meets efficiency

“At best, more sustainability also means more efficiency,” asserts FACC CEO Robert Matschlinger, and adds: “Through the measures we have taken, we have not only reduced our environmental footprint, but also saved costs.”

By optimizing operations on the newly installed ergonomic packaging table, packaging effort can also be reduced by half.

By 2040, the entire production of FACC CO2 become neutral.

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