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Facebook Murdoch – NRK Urix – deals with foreign news and documentaries

The deal was signed between Facebook and News Corps after several months of conflict.

In February, all content came from Murdoch’s media empire Blocked from Facebook. One week, Australians were banned from posting on Facebook.

The clash also led to Australian emergency services not being able to visit their Facebook pages.

This is the front page of the largest Australian newspaper the day after Facebook stopped sharing news in Australia.

Photo: Rick Rycroft / AB

Pioneer media law

Australia introduced a new media law on February 25. The law states that Facebook and Google must allow the media to spread their message.

This is the first in the world of law. In recent years, Australian media, like those around the world, have lost revenue to Google and Facebook.

It came into force after the Australian Parliament passed a law Choice 49% of Australian advertising revenue goes to Google. Facebook gets 24 percent.

The law requires technology companies such as Google and Facebook to contract separately with media companies to pay for the content. If they do not agree, the government will appoint a mediator.

Milestone for the press

American technology companies have also long sought to oppose the law. Last night, the deal between Facebook and News Corp was announced.

– News Corp CEO Robert Thompson wrote in a statement that the deal with Facebook signifies a change in the newspaper business.

– News Corp led to global debate, while Thomson wrote that digital giants have shaken up the news industry.

News Corp Australia controls 70 per cent of Australian newspapers.

News Corps CEO Robert Thompson

– News Corp CEO Robert Thompson says the deal is a sign of the press.

Photo: Mark Lennihan / A.P.

Unknown amount

It is unknown how much Facebook paid for the deal.

Three weeks ago, a similar agreement was reached between News Corp and Google.

In addition to the giant News Corp, Facebook also has deals with smaller media outlets in Australia. The largest of them is Media House Seven West.

The new media law has been criticized by researchers. Many say the law is primarily intended to generate revenue for media companies such as News Corp.

– Tanya Nodley said that there is no guarantee that the public will succeed in this.

He is a senior communications researcher at the University of Western Sydney New York Times.

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook pays to share Australian news articles.

Photo: Andrew Hornick / AP

The idea behind the law is to strengthen the country’s press, but it seems that it could increase the power of the powerful media:

“They are the gateway guards of the news to the public,” Mark Seong said.

He is studying Digital Ethics at the University of Melbourne.

In a statement, Facebook’s New Zealand and Australia boss Andrew Hunter wrote the deal:

– Enables people to access news articles and news videos from a network of national, urban, local and regional newsrooms.

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