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U.S. intelligence says Russians have launched a campaign against Biden

According to a recent U.S. intelligence report, Vladimir Vs. Putin organized a smear campaign.

Vladimir V. Putin organized campaigns to darken Joe Biden. Photo: Michael Clementev / Kreml / Sputnik / Reuters / NDP

Russia’s President Vladimir V Putin was. The goal was to darken Joe Biden’s candidacy. This includes intelligence activities that affect those close to President Donald Trump.

All of these as degraded Intelligence reports The New York Times writes that it was released on Tuesday.

Rudolf W., Trump’s former personal lawyer. Giuliani. Photo: Evan Wuci / Abi

Points to Giuliani

The report did not name the individuals allegedly used by the Russians, but said Trump’s former personal lawyer, Rudolf W. There are references to what Giuliani did.

He has accused President Biden and his family of corruption in Ukraine.

“Actors working on behalf of the Russian government and the Kremlin worked to influence the opinion of the American people in a particular direction,” the statement said.

The downgraded report reflects the most comprehensive investigative report on foreign efforts to influence the 2020 election. The main conclusion of the report is that foreign actors failed to handle the election result.

A key element of Russian strategy was precisely the use of the Ukrainian people, who were close to Russian intelligence, to start stories with baseless allegations or false accusations against Biden.

This was done by the American media and prominent Americans, some of whom were close to the President.

Used Ukrainian politicians

CNBC The report specifically notes that Putin agreed with the actions of Ukrainian politician Audrey Derkok.

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He was a Ukrainian elected official who played a key role in Russia’s efforts to influence the US election. It was Derkach who contacted Russian intelligence about meeting Rudy Giuliani, who repeated the allegations against Joe Biden and his son Hunter for months.

Russian hackers did not succeed

However, the report concludes that Russian hackers did not make any consistent attempt to infiltrate the machines used during the election process, as they did during previous elections.

Many countries have tried

Apart from Russia, Iran has sought to influence the election. According to the report, China considered itself trying to influence the election, but decided that such a move would fail and attack itself.

Similar statement The Department of Justice and Homeland Security denied the allegations In the weeks leading up to the election, Trump accused Venezuela and other countries of being behind the election fraud.