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Facilitating entry to Italy and Slovakia

Facilitating entry to Italy and Slovakia

The Netherlands and Croatia are new to the list of high cases, while Finland is no longer required to quarantine. There is more emphasis in India.

Entry with and without quarantine

Finland is the first country in the European Union from which you can enter again without having to go into quarantine for ten days. Also on the list of countries with the lowest SARS-CoV2 infection rate are Australia, Iceland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and the Vatican. The list of European regions with a high infection rate now includes Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Croatia, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Cyprus.

It will be sharpened Entry requirements to India The other two regions for virus mutations are South Africa and Brazil. As of Monday, only negative PCR tests will be recognized upon entry from these countries. Since Thursday, there has been a ban on landings from India and a test requirement. The antigen test on entry is no longer sufficient; A negative PCR test should be offered or performed 24 hours later at the latest.

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