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Putin's Russia "Not a Regular Partner": The Ice Age between Moscow and the European Union

Putin’s Russia “Not a Regular Partner”: The Ice Age between Moscow and the European Union

Reason for Gorova alarmed: On Friday, Moscow imposed sanctions on eight senior representatives of the European Union; They are now banned from entering Russia. Gurova, the European Union commissioner from the Czech Republic, is among those sanctioned, as is European Parliament President David Sassoli.

The reaction in Brussels was extremely indignant. To protest against the sanctions, the Russian ambassador was summoned on Monday afternoon to hold crisis talks with the European Union Commission and the diplomatic community.

Sanctions and counter-sanctions

This is making the already bad climate between the EU and Russia a little cooler, and sanctions follow counter-sanctions: In March, the European Union imposed punitive measures against several Russian government employees. The penalties relate to the way the authorities dealt with the imprisoned Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. Second, the European Union is increasingly concerned about escalation again in eastern Ukraine, as Russia supports separatists.

However, Russia considered this merely a “policy of unilateral illegal restrictive measures against Russian citizens and organizations” and hit back. An end to the tension between Moscow and the European Union is not in sight at the moment. he is

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