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Failed A380 Landing Attempt: The video shows dramatic seconds

Failed A380 Landing Attempt: The video shows dramatic seconds

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from: Momir Takak

An Airbus A380 stands sideways after a failed landing. ©

The pilots kept their cool as the A380 jumbo jet descended. A video shows the gravity of the situation.

LONDON – When the Airbus A380 touched down at London’s Heathrow Airport, passengers experienced moments of genuine shock. Soon after landing on the runway, the pilots decided it was best to turn around again. A video documents how dramatic the situation was, which could have ended in disaster.

The giant plane was at the end of its flight from San Francisco to London on Saturday (July 15). On that day, a strong southwesterly wind blew at Heathrow Airport. During the landing approach, the British Airways plane seemed to catch a favorable moment. No wiggles can be seen in the video posted by a YouTuber.

A380 in distress: Video showing a failed landing attempt – the machine takes off after landing

But right before she touches the machine, she seems to have been hit by a violent storm on her part. Immediately after the tire hits the ground, it suddenly starts smoking heavily. The plane slows so badly that it curves dangerously to the right, to the point where the outboard motor almost touches the ground. Jumbo then flips onto his left side, appearing as if he is standing sideways for a short while. Another jumbo lost its main landing gear on landing.

The pilots managed to level the plane again and decided to abort the landing and go around. how airlife It was reported that the plane circled the airport and landed safely 15 minutes after the failed attempt. The pilots of another British Airways machine were also forced to perform a spectacular maneuver.

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A380 passenger: “Definitely the most dramatic descent I’ve ever experienced”

A YouTube video was also commented on by someone who said they had been on the A380 and experienced the situation firsthand. “I was on that flight. Definitely the most dramatic landing I’ve ever been in. This video confirms that I wasn’t just imagining the feeling on the plane! Wow. Great catch. The pilots were calm and had a good time and said the landing parameters were out of range on landing, so they thought it best to move on.” Passengers in Frankfurt also experienced a shock – however, shortly after they landed.

In addition to British Airways Airbus, many other aircraft had problems that day. Some even had to be diverted. A plane from Dubai almost failed to land twice and ended up flying to Glasgow. There are three airports in Europe that pilots are only allowed to fly to after special training. (metric tons)