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Falco Meets Queen: An Introduction to the Steyr Music Festival

Falco Meets Queen: An Introduction to the Steyr Music Festival

“Concert in Heaven” – anyone who has walked around the city in the past few weeks can hardly miss the golden posters with Freddie Mercury and Falco. Rock stars are never found together in real life, and they do at Falco Meets the Queen: a musical show in which artists Sacha Lane and Axel Herrig pay homage to the world-famous musical legacy. The duo and band will take the show to the stage nine times, all under the direction of longtime director and festival founder Carl Michael Ebner: “Back to the roots — you can see this trend, both in fashion and in clubs, otherwise where. Time and its icons live on more than ever.” gone.”

The music festival is of great importance to tourism. “At the moment, about 65 percent of our visitors are tourists from Vienna, Salzburg and the Bavarian region, for example. We’ve been working on that over the years,” says Ebner.

Another item in the program is “Cinema under the starry sky”. The moat becomes a backdrop for outdoor cinema, more specifically for the comedy series “Greece or the Running Chicken” (31 July) and “Mamma ante Portas” (1 August).

Steyrdorf Gallery celebrates its 30th anniversary. The works of these artists who have shaped exhibition events in the past three decades are displayed on two floors of the Palace Gallery. A special show for children and young people called “Read”. This is intended to support people with reading difficulties. Reading skills are reinforced in workshops based on the five senses. Pre-school children up to 12 years old can participate, and the workshop costs eight euros.

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The music festival has also been certified as a “green event” by the state of Upper Austria. “Green” because the event was planned and implemented in a resource-efficient way: avoiding waste through reusable containers, regional and organically certified food, feasible public transport and unimpeded access.

Festival tickets are available at


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