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?  ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Actresses Reveal Precarious Wages

$20? ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Actresses Reveal Precarious Wages

The actors and screenwriters have been around since Friday Hollywood (United States) is on strike. In the fight to improve wages and regulations for the use of artificial intelligence (AI), they have jointly crippled operations at the Dream Factory for the first time in more than 60 years.

Both creative industries suffer from the fact that more movies and series are being made, but budgets are falling and series are often shot with fewer episodes per season. Frequency with streaming providers also leads to lower royalties independent of viewership.

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The actresses of the Netflix series are now revealing just how precarious it is for actors to be placed outside of big Hollywood blockbusters “Orange is the new black”. The first episode of the show came out almost ten years ago. It is considered the broadcast giant’s first successful in-house production.

$20 in revenue?

In a video interview with CNN the actress revealed on Monday Leah Delaria who played Carrie Black on the show, though she became known to a global audience with Orange Is The New Black, received a check in June $20.27 in royalties Owns.

colleague Emma Miles, Who plays Leanne Taylor on the series and appeared in 54 episodes, also claims to only have about $20 left in wages that year. The final season of the series came out in 2019.

Both actresses complain about it CNNThe interview is also a lack of transparency on the part of the broadcast service. By chance, they discovered the true success of their series while filming at an event when Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos was “Orange Is The New Black” with the hit series. “game of thrones” comparison. “It was an amazing moment for everyone,” says DeLaria.

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Pay inequality

In an interview with The New Yorker Shortly before the Hollywood strike went into effect, several actresses on the series, which won an Emmy Award, revealed that for their performances of “Orange Is The New Black” in 2013, they paid the “absolute” minimum wage to the Actors Guild. SAG-AFTRA is less than 900 dollars (about 800 euros) per episode.

Many of the supporting actresses had to keep their regular jobs besides filming. Pay also varied based on the race and skin color of the actresses.

Actress Bette Dover, Who played Linda Ferguson on the show, admitted: “It actually cost me money to do Seasons 3 and 4 as my spot was picked and I had to go by myself.” But she was so excited to be on a show she was a fan of that she took on the precarious circumstances.

Miles She added, “As a kid you had this idea: Once I did something people would really see, I’d be rich and I’d have a house with a bathtub. And if you look at a hit series, you’re like: wow, I still live in the same one-bedroom apartment.” Is this how it should be? “