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Fans are clinging to the wildest theories about the trailer's release

Fans are clinging to the wildest theories about the trailer’s release

We wish in GTA 6 missions like San Andreas. – (C) Rockstar Games – Photo Editing: DailyGame

who – which GTA 6 It’s no longer popular, and it’s also clear that this game really has something to show for it. However, the extent to which the developments really reached has not been leaked. Now at least one appears GTA trilogy. Only the first images of this new version have appeared and the web is already exploding. Because fans believe tractor to me Triple Notes on GTA 6 version to find.

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GTA6 trailer is set to drop in 55 days

Well, before we continue here, let me say that this is a very good thing a stranger theory Actions. We don’t want to confirm that nor anger against it. We will only do journalistic work and provide information. So if you like the theory, feel free to encourage it more. But we will understand it just as well if you shake your head now and follow in crop circles GTA 6 To signal.

The theory is based on the current theory tractor The Triple. In this one sees the protagonist in a scene Tommy Vercetti From Vice City, ride a motorbike. The code on the license plate of the motorcycle in question can be read. The badge reads: “Vice City ICSLV”. Theory pounced on this symbol and said “Vice City soon” for the first few letters. But what does LV have with that? Trailer for GTA6 to do?

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At that moment, I came out

If you read LV letters such as Roman numerals. Is this position for number 55. According to the theory, it means that there are still 55 days until the release GTA 6 trailer. If you take a quick look at it, it will expire on December 16th. How one comes up with this idea is a mystery to me. But GTA fans, who are eagerly waiting for a new part, really stick to everything they find.

While Rockstar money cow there GTA V It means that the milking continues without stopping.