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Fans are disappointed by the Netflix hit: It looks like this 'Friends' star has been left out of 'Don't Look Up'!  Cinema news

Fans are disappointed by the Netflix hit: It looks like this ‘Friends’ star has been left out of ‘Don’t Look Up’! Cinema news

In fact, famous sitcom Matthew Perry was supposed to star in the current Netflix song “Don’t Look Up”. But there is no trace of the “Friends” star in the final film. Fans of the actor disappointed.


For ten years, Matthew Perry played the neurotic proverb Chandler Bing in the blockbuster “Friends”. The sitcom ended in 2004, and while Perry hasn’t been in the spotlight since then, he still has a huge fan base who eagerly follows every update of himself. Now these fans have loved Adam McKay’s new comedy “Don’t Look For” (which currently ranks #1 in German). Netflix-graphs) disappointed.

Matthew Perry announced last year that he would be part of a doomsday satire. He was in good company because he would be part of a huge team around Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and many other top-notch characters. On October 14, 2020 he wrote on Twitter: “I booked a movie with Meryl Streep! If you need me, I’ll be on a treadmill for the next 6 weeks.”

Words follow actions. Then he was seen filming a Netflix movie. There’s even video footage of him filming a scene with Jonah Hill (via daily Mail). It relates to the scene in which Jason Orlean, Hills’ character, allows his followers to chant “Don’t look up” when someone looks up, realizing that the comet is heading toward Earth, that it is real, and thus upsets the mood. Apparently Matthew Perry was originally a part of that scene in an unknown role. But the “Friends” star does not appear in the final film. Obviously, he was left out of his already bizarre scene.


“Friends” star Matthew Perry (appearing here on the “Mr. Sunshine” sitcom poster) appears to have been removed from Netflix’s “Don’t Look Up.”

Fans react with disappointment and incomprehension

Understandably, the actor’s audience is disappointed now that he can’t be seen in “Not Looking For” at all. They have let their grief run free on social media. Here is a choice:

“I suppose Matthew Perry was left out of the movie, and to be honest, I’m upset about that.”

‘Don’t Look Up’ run of 2 hours and 20 minutes is unnecessary, but, the scenes were cut… The worst: Those scenes included Matthew Perry.

“Where’s Matthew Perry AAAAA I didn’t see him on broadcast, I swear to God if he wasn’t in the movie”

“It’s a shame that Matthew Perry has been disqualified from Don’t Look For.”

“If Matthew Perry wasn’t in Don’t Look, I wouldn’t watch him. Never. You don’t do that to my son.”

As of now, there is still no official reason why Matthew Perry has disappeared from the movie. It could be a creative decision by director Adam McKay or behind the scenes. As long as Netflix or an interested party doesn’t comment on it, we can only speculate. But that is exactly what makes the whole thing frustrating and incomprehensible to many fans.


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