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Fans are worried!  Frank “Buschi” Buschmann takes a longer break

Fans are worried! Frank “Buschi” Buschmann takes a longer break

It will come as a surprise to many when Frank Buschman, also known to many as “Buschi,” made people sit up and take notice with a message on his Instagram profile today. “I'm now taking a longer break…” the 59-year-old writes there and immediately offers an explanation for the unexpected break.

“30 years of advertising has attracted amazing energy.”

It appears that Bushman has long been thinking about at least a short-term withdrawal, as he explains in his statement, “For some time now I've been taking things more seriously that I didn't before.” He also writes: “What do people write on social media and what do they do with it? Who interacts with it and how?”

Social media “problem” as a reason for withdrawal?

Is social media the reason for Al-Bushi’s withdrawal? At least it seems to have contributed to that. Just yesterday, Bushman got into a dispute with a user on X (formerly Twitter) regarding his TV commentary for Stefan Rapp's “American ICE Football” event. User “Hampelmann13” laughed it off, which is why Buschmann canceled Super Bowl commentary for RTL, but he was still on duty for the private broadcaster yesterday evening.

© Screenshot “X”


Bushman initially reacted calmly and explained himself: “To be honest, it doesn't matter at all. 8 days in the USA with Jelag and Megastress in front of two big productions compared to Munich-Mannheim (note: the Rap TV event was held there) and back for one evening, people with a little sensitivity certainly understand.”

Before his collar explodes and user “Hampelmann13” takes his place: “It's unbelievable how arrogant people are on this network! I have no idea about anything, certainly not about my life, but I'm just talking. It's so disgusting!”

Bushman has disappeared from “X” (formerly Twitter).

After that, there was radio silence, because Buschmann had now deactivated his X account and disappeared from the platform. He left his nearly 303,000 followers confused and concerned before Bushman posted his detailed statement on Instagram.

Fans are hoping for a comeback and are encouraged

Meanwhile, fans and celebrity friends are gathering under the Instagram post to support their 'Buschi'. This is what former Bachelor Andre Mangold wrote, “Enjoy the break and we are already looking forward to your return, no matter what form it takes.” Another user finds: “Stay as you are and let all the crazy people talk and write what they want!!!” We can only hope that Bushman has a good time and that he will soon be back in the spotlight. Meanwhile, thousands of his fans will be waiting for him.

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