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Gerion Kluge talks about “people’s faults”

Gerion Kluge talks about “people’s faults”


The 55-year-old recently presented his new book. It's called “people's flaws.” It is a compendium of short, often entertaining, almost always funny texts: they are columns he wrote for Die Zeit, among other things – about music, and strange vignettes; “About deep things with powerful sentences that you can tattoo on yourself,” says Gereon Klug. Want an example?: “I'm one of you, but the other one.” There are also “beautiful classic” drawings by musician Carsten “Aerobic” Mayer.

What you don't get: A novel with suspense. But the author offers wisdom and curious, everyday observations. Every now and then he also gives things away verbally. Actor Ben Becker or rock band Böhse Onkelz don't do well because they are “beacons of the most acerbic kind.” “They always feel like victims, have no sense of humor and love to play on the bad keys of the human keyboard. Plus they are complacent to the breaking point. I can’t show them any love,” says Gerion Kluge.


“Do you also receive hostility for your columns and critical texts?” Currier wants to know. “I'm too insignificant for that. Of course, a fan of the Rolling Stones or another band once complained about a spicy remark. “It's funny that I've weathered the shit storm so far,” says the author, who also mentions the book's “Ten Benefits for Kids” in the book. The first advantage: “You tell the truth, even without alcohol.”

But adults also have advantages, Klug says in an interview: “People can prepare really delicious meals, help others, even animals. He can rhyme and lie fantastically. We don't even like each other.

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“Disadvantages of People. 132 Harms of Reflective Life.”
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