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Farmer has to pay 56,500 euros for ‘cool’ emojis

Farmer has to pay 56,500 euros for ‘cool’ emojis

Open your eyes in chat action – a farmer from Canada will think so too. Since he sent a “thumbs up” emoji to a business partner, he now has to pay the equivalent of €56,500. A court ruled that, according to Canadian broadcaster CBC.

In March 2021, Farmer spoke with a buyer from the Southwest Station. The man had offered to buy 86 tons of flax from the farmer at C$17 a bushel. A bushel weighs about 25 kilograms.

Both growers and buyers interpreted “like” icons differently

Then the farmer contacted the buyer and agreed to send the contract via text message. He did so shortly and also asked the farmer to confirm the contract.

Then the guy sent a “thumbs up” token. While the buyer took this as approval and expected fall delivery, the farmer later stated that he wanted to say he would take care of the contract later.

The court ordered the farmer to pay 56,500 euros for the emoji

The buyer asked when the linen was not delivered in the fall. Linen prices rose meanwhile – the difference between the contract from March and the autumn prices was the equivalent of €56,500.

The court ruled that the man had to pay that amount because the buyer had been damaged by that amount. According to the judge, this is an unusual form of signature. However, in modern times, such kinds of approval can be given in this way.

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