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Fashiontalk Purkersdorf - Arina in Martina Reuter: sporty, cool and a full load of purple

Fashiontalk Purkersdorf – Arina in Martina Reuter: sporty, cool and a full load of purple

Wednesday afternoon in Birkersdorf: Two women with a penchant for the color violet meet for a fashion photo session. We talk about Martina Reuter, fashion expert at NÖN, and singer Arina from Styria, both dressed in pretty purple.

“Are we agreed?” Arina smiles. The beloved musician has been the precursor to the band “Die Draufgänger” for many years – many folk festivals, Ballermann tents and beer were her stage. Now she has left her past behind and started a new era – and with great success.

“Many are puzzled but at the same time amazed that I now write and sing my own English pop songs because they know me from a different kind. But this is the music I want to compose.”

Her biggest hit: Starnacht am Wörthersee this summer. “It was unbelievable to be on a big stage and perform my own song. I will never forget this moment,” Arina radiates.

As an independent artist and a strong woman, she does it all by herself – her style, her music, her management.

Arena is actually a trained kindergarten teacher, so where does the passion for music come from? “I’ve sung English songs since I was a little kid, but I never understood what the song was. The language still fascinates me and it’s an international one at the same time. And recently an Italian radio station played one of my songs! Luckily I don’t have to sing Italian for that, I won’t I absolutely understand that,” she laughs.

Her looks are pretty cool: sneakers, a high ponytail and lots of jewelry. “I like to wear cool tracksuits, preferably in purple,” Arina tells Martina.

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A new singer from Austria is going solo with more success than expected. All information about Arina: