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Bread Factory: Jewish History in Focus – News

Bread Factory: Jewish History in Focus – News

During an artistic audio tour through the bread factory, those interested can immerse themselves in forgotten history.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

written 1 hour ago

By Vanessa Kugler

At the end of the year, the anchor will be dropped in Vienna-Favoriten. Future production will be carried out by conventional Ankerbrot in Lichtenwörth, in Lower Austria. This means that the 132-year history at the site in the 10th District has come to an end. A history in which the era of National Socialism has not yet played any role. Artistic listening tour Art corridor blur At Anchor Bread Factory, that has to change.

“The Forgotten and Suppressed Chapter”

“The content is about making this forgotten and suppressed chapter, what happened during the Nazi era, visible again, using two autobiographies,” explains director Hans-Christian Hasselmann of the Ecolot Cultural Association. She is the Ankerbrot heiress Bettina Mendel, who had to flee abroad in 1938 because of her Jewish origins. And about management consultant Roland Berger, who described his father as a resistance fighter in the Third Reich. In fact, he was exposed by the media as a beneficiary of the Nazis.

History of Hungarian Jewish forced labor

In collaboration with media start-up Inselmilieu Reportage, this is the second time we’re looking at the important historical site in the 10th district. “We went to meetings with former Ankerbrot employees and conducted research at the Simon Wiesenthal Institute,” Jana Mack and Julia Breitkopf report from Island environment report. You learn that 283 Hungarian Jewish forced laborers had to work in Ankerpruit during the era of National Socialism and delve into some of their life stories. The result is two comprehensive reports that can be heard on all popular podcast platforms.

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Listen walking and cultural festival

The Artwalk Palimpsest combines journalism, literature, music, multimedia installations, dance and drama. Dates are available on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and tickets are available from €15. If you’re more interested in art and culture, the favorite cultural festival will also be taking place on site from Friday. (unlock)