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FM4 in Europe’s biggest dance show

Eleven radio stations will broadcast DJ mixes from all over Europe on Friday from 7:30pm. The fourth edition of the Europe-wide radio programme, initiated by BBC Radio 1, this time also includes Ukraine.

A large communal dance floor was set up with an audience of millions in front of the radios at “Europe’s Biggest Dance Show”. Starting with Radio 1 (BBC, London) will On October 14th from 7:30 pm Successively turned into eleven radio stations.

It’s our turn at 11pm to broadcast Europe-wide for half an hour. FM4 will be presented by DJ Functionist (FM4 Unlimited) with DJ prepared by Joyce Muniz. Joyce Muniz will exclusively provide up-to-date insight into her musical work, as well as offer a preview of future releases including two world premieres from her 2023 album. A selection of releases from the Austrian electronic music scene will also be sent to Europe from studio FM4.

The biggest dance show in Europe

At 7:00pm Functionist will open in preparation for FM4 Unlimited’s new broadcast time, before the musically diverse relay of Europe’s biggest dance show kicks off at 7:30pm.

The biggest dance show in Europe 2022

19:00 FM4 Unlimited – Warm Up
19:30 BBC Radio 1United kingdom
20:00 NRK MP3Norway
20:30 1 liveGermany
21:00 FritzGermany
21:30 Swedish Radio P3Sweden
22:00 RTÉ 2fmIreland
10:30 pm Studio BrusselsBelgium
23:00 Radio FM4Austria
11:30 pm YleXFinland
0:00 NPO 3FMHolland
0:30 Celebrities RadioUkraine