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FedEx Logistics Group is now based on the Salzburg start-up “Ledersent

FedEx Logistics Group is now based on the Salzburg start-up “Ledersent

| Tobias Seyfried

| 08/13/2023

Myflexbox is well known throughout Austria for its parcel warehousing and pick-up boxes and has now acquired another major partner.

While some well-known local startups have faltered recently, Myflexbox can continue or even expand on its successful run. Founded in 2018, the startup Salzburg AG operates hundreds of parcel storage and collection boxes in Germany that can be used around the clock, and also cooperates with international logistics groups such as GLS. And now the Salzburgers have brought another major partner on board: FedEx.

Advertise Myflexbox News via LinkedIn: “Trucks with the world-famous logo (the arrow in the ‘Ex’) can now often be seen at more than 450 parcel stations in Austria. Because from now on, FedEx parcels can be transferred to Myflex and picked up around the clock.”

Sites should be more than doubled

When Myflexbox was founded about five years ago, it started with the goal of replacing coupon bundling in the mailbox in the long term. End customers can receive, send and return packages and goods around the clock (24/7) without contact. the Smart City startup from Salzburg AG It has evolved into one of the largest standalone Smart Locker networks in Austria with over 450 locations. By the end of 2025, the network should have around 1,000 locations. Since parcel boxes can avoid unnecessary trips, Myflexbox can also help make logistics more efficient, smart and sustainable, according to the young company.