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Tesla Model Y with LFP battery from China in US?  >

Tesla Model Y with LFP battery from China in US? >

Image: Tesla

Instead of three, Tesla now has four battery suppliers: After starting with Panasonic, LG Energy Solutions and CATL were the first to join, and rumors this spring that BYD, which will produce its own electric cars in addition to batteries, is coming soon. true So far, BYD batteries have only been found in the base version of the Model Y while being built at the German Gigafactory. But in Canada Tesla has recently introduced a Model Y in a version informally known as RWD – and soon again in the US.

Found US registration for Model Y RWD

In its homeland, Tesla initially sold only the Model Y in long-range and performance variants with the same size battery. After the Gigafactory opened in Texas, a third version was added, the first powered by Tesla’s own 4680 batteries; The Model Y also has all-wheel drive, but the battery capacity is slightly lower. Tesla claims a range of 279 miles according to US EPA standards.

There was a Model Y RWD in the U.S. for a while, as it is now in China, Europe, and Canada, but disappeared from the website again after about a month in February 2021. CEO Elon Musk explained that with the smaller battery, the range doesn’t meet Tesla’s standards at all levels. The manufacturer had previously given an EPA value of 244 miles (nearly 393 kilometers). Musk described a range of less than 250 miles as unacceptable, which is why America’s introduction of the smaller Model Y was surprising and its removal seemed more logical.

Still, it might come back now. In Canada, Tesla has been offering the Model Y RWD since late April (see photo above), which is said to be made entirely at the Gigafactory in China. As for the US, YouTube channel CleanerWatt found a filing with the environmental agency EPA last week. It can be seen from the document that the Model Y described therein is equipped with rear-wheel drive only. An EPA range figure and battery capacity aren’t given, but test results range from 223-353 miles and 60.2-69 kWh, respectively.

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Tesla may import the LFP battery from China

According to Kleinerwat, this could mean different battery versions. However, based on energy density data, the channel assumes that Tesla intends to use LFP chemistry-based batteries in the Model Y RWD, similar to China, Europe and Canada. If this conclusion is correct, at least the energy storage devices will have to come from China, because there are hardly any factories for LFP batteries in North America.

With the smallest Model 3 for the US, Tesla has already switched to LFP from China – yet this base version receives a full buyer subsidy of $7500, presumably assuming full production of one model, and the batteries for the Model 3 otherwise come from the US. With the Model Y, Tesla may now attempt a similar construction.