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Gender pay gap in the US: 33 years to go before equal pay

Gender pay gap in the US: 33 years to go before equal pay

Women in the U.S. earn less than men — and according to a new study, it’s likely to stay that way for a long time.
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For 60 years, the United States has had laws guaranteeing equal pay for women and men. To mark the anniversary, a new analysis of the gender pay gap has just been published.

It found that working women have lost $61 trillion in wages since the law was enacted.

According to the Center for American Progress, the wage gap won’t close until 2056.

The Equal Pay Act was passed 60 years ago – and it could take 33 years for women to earn the same as men, a new analysis shows.

Although the gender pay gap has narrowed for decades, it won’t close completely until 2056, according to a Center on American Progress (CAP) study released on the 60th anniversary of the federal law banning gender pay discrimination. .

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The panel concluded that if the gap continues to narrow at the same rate since the law’s enactment in 1963, the average full-time woman will be paid the same as her male co-worker roughly 93 years after the passage of the Equal Pay Act. It may take longer for women of color to reach the same wage level.

Using decades of census data, it estimates that women have lost about $61 trillion in the 60 years since the law’s enactment, which equates to $31.9 trillion in the current federal debt.

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According to a 1963 census cited by CAP, the typical full-time working woman earned 59 cents for every dollar a man earned, but the rate for all working women was 37 cents for every dollar.

2021: 84 cents for every dollar a man earns

In 2021, women working full-time will earn about 84 cents for every dollar a man earns, compared with 77 cents for working women, the Census found. For women of color, however, the gap is even wider, with CAP showing that full-time Latina and black women make 57 and 67 cents, respectively, for every dollar their white male counterparts earn.

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A variety of factors contribute to this wage gap, from unconscious prejudice against mothers in the workplace to the overrepresentation of women in low-paying jobs like teaching in the U.S. The wage gap for women widens with age. , census data are shown.

The pay gap has narrowed over the past six decades for a variety of reasons, including the Equal Pay Act, the recent Wage Transparency Act and other anti-discrimination laws, as well as awareness of the issue and the introduction of more equalities. Germany also has paydays like today.

Insider previously reported that changing societal norms, such as women’s choice not to delay or not have children, and an increase in the proportion of educated women entering high-paying, traditionally male-dominated jobs are helping to close the gap.

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