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Festivals, guided tours and events in Vienna to combat the blues in November

Festivals, guided tours and events in Vienna to combat the blues in November

Despite the foggy autumn days, there is still something to look forward to in Vienna: the lighting installations, the red light festival and circus, or the Palm House at night.

the “November BluesIt has long appeared as a technical term in doctors’ discussions and is therefore not a unique selling point for Vienna. The medical advice is: immerse yourself in city life! Following that idea, we have a few more concrete ideas Ideas and suggestions Collected:

  • Circus Delights: “On the Edge” is an experimental festival Circus art, opens on Friday (November 3) at Theater Im Kappelwerk. According to the invitation, she wants to “mix courageous artistic attitudes with performance, dance or visual art.”
  • Winter Joys: Beginning with “Winter in the Museum DistrictNext Wednesday, November 8: The “Winter of Love” lighting project, court music parties, DJ sets, bingeing for a good cause, and a curling rink aim to warm minds and bodies every day.

Reenactment with champagne reception at Großer Palmenhaus Schönbrunn


  • Reading pleasure: Well, the “Buch Wien” is still hundreds of kilometers away from Leipzig and Frankfurt. However it is great Reading Festival.
  • The joys of red light: not what it seems at first glance: “red light” is an international festival of analogue photography that will begin for the third time on November 17. During the ten-day festival, there will be a number of exhibition openings, workshops, photography tours, lectures and many other events related to analogue photography. The main exhibition will be displayed in the studio of the Academy of Fine Arts In Vienna (formerly Semperdeput) there will be a showcase of the 20 winners of the open call, which ended in the summer with 444 entries from 44 countries.
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