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Féten Féten provides an audio experience in Villach – 5 minutes

Féten Féten provides an audio experience in Villach – 5 minutes

Posted on May 5, 2024 at 8:43 pm / © Sergio-y-Ximena

The image at minute 5 shows the audio experience

Two years ago, the Spanish duo Féten Féten once impressed Villach fans, and now there will be a sequel on May 6th. They have been delighting audiences with their amazing instrumentation and imagination for over a decade.

from Leonie Holwarth

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Spanish music on unusual instruments: Embryos Embryos They are sure to delight the audience at their concert on May 6 at the Congress Center in Villach. The performances of the Spanish duo “Fetén Fetén” have always been accompanied by countless surprises. And now, on May 6th, audiences at the Congress Center in Villach can enjoy this extraordinary audio experience.

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Spanish musicians Jorge Arribas And Diego Galaz Take the audience on an exciting journey through Spain and its musical traditions as well as to Japan or South America. For more than a decade, the duo has been astonishing with plenty of imagination and originality – especially when it comes to musical instruments: straw fiddle, singing saw, camping chair flute, spoons, and handcrafted bagpipes. Interpreting traditional music and dances such as the foxtrot or the waltz, especially traditional Spanish dances, suddenly appears from a completely different perspective. This time all this is combined with double bass. The Spanish duo wowed Villach fans in May 2022, and there will now be a sequel on May 6!