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Fettes Brot

Fettes Brot … Is History –

FM4 presents the latest Fetes Brot concerts in Austria – here you can win tickets to the FM4 Independent Box with Fetes Brot!

We’ve known since the beginning of September: After an amazing 30 years, Fette Brot is going to be a part of pop history. Not without a farewell tour and not without the greatest album.

Yes, bye and thank you for 30 Years of Creamy Bread by Dr. Rains, King Boris and Bjorn Peyton. Hamburg’s hip-hop legends have always been closely associated with FM4 and our listeners, they played at our birthday party, played you a surprise concert on FM4, ran Unter Palmen and about thirteen of their songs were at the top of the FM4 charts included. and what? Really! And because you and I love creamy bread so much, that’s why I sang them a goodbye song. We asked you guys to re-sing and rap “Jane” and this is what came out:

#Red: Fettes Brot – Jein (FM4-Hörer: innen Mashup) #


Want to be a part of the farewell party? Then tell us about your scariest experience with Fetes Brot in an email to [email protected].
A gig to remember, my life-changing lyric…bring it up! The closing date for entries is November 14, 2022. Oh yeah – you can win Two 2×2 parking room tickets for the concert on April 12, 2023 at Gasometer/Vienna.

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