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Graffiti artist – Unterpetersdorfer art from a spray can

Graffiti artist – Unterpetersdorfer art from a spray can

Created on November 04, 2022 | 04:17

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in his studio. Graffiti artist Marco Lesser.


MArco Lesser has been dealing with graffiti art for about five years. He creates his works using stencils.

Marco Lesser has always been interested in art, so he completed the creative branch at Oberbollendorf High School. Learn about graffiti as part of his lessons with art professor Constanze Birch. British street artist Banksy’s documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” has finally sparked his passion for graffiti and the 24-year-old has begun to explore the stencil technique.

“Art was really my favorite subject at the time,” Lesser says. He usually doesn’t spray his uploaded photos. They are created using stencil technology. In doing so, Lesser makes several stencils on the cardboard, which are sprayed one after the other. He loves to play with the contrasts of black, white and gray in his decorations and pays great attention to detail. “I also love to create decorations that carry a message and make you think,” says Unterpetersdorfer.

Marco Lesser’s work can be seen outside the hairdresser ‘Hoarschoarf’ in Horchon, in the music hall of the Oberbollendorf Grammar School – a portrait with a focus on Franz Liszt – and as part of the anniversary exhibition ‘400 Years of Science – Waving’ at the Neckenmarkt. “I would be very happy with more orders,” says Lesser, whose role models include Banksy and Shepherd Ferry.