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Marika Lachter's dreary home |

Marika Lachter’s dreary home |

Lullabies and altars: The singer-songwriter touches on Yiddish songs and frustrating memories on her solo evening “I have (k) a homeland”.

For years it has remained untouched on the shelf, and is now the centerpiece of a theater evening: a box with an old passport, a prayer book, and several photos and documents for Marika Lechter’s single “I have (k) a homeland” in Kammerspiele forming the common thread. Years ago, when the artist, also known as a star dancer and music agent, performed Yiddish songs for her fellow Dernier at the Josefstadt Theatre, director Herbert Fottinger wished her a solo evening.

This premiere on Thursday, Föttinger is responsible for the scenic setting. Not staying on a purely musical program, but rather one in which Marika Lechter – seated on a nearly empty stage with a few chests and accompanied by four musicians – revealed her family history. It is a very sad look back, as her parents were both Holocaust survivors, and her grandfather, an opera singer, was killed in the street because he was a Jew.

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