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Film Museum: Into the Revolutionary Universe of Ulrike Oettinger

Film Museum: Into the Revolutionary Universe of Ulrike Oettinger

A pioneer in the field of cinema, interdisciplinary and international: the Austrian Film Museum dedicates a display of her complete works to German artist Ulrich Oettinger for her 80th birthday.

What can be said of tax-free Oettinger: it refuses to conform to any mainstream. Her work is artistic and eccentric, imaginative and visually powerful. Ottinger loves fairy tales and magic, the abstraction of everyday vulgarity. Her works are dense and filled with stylistic elements of various genres and artistic movements. Oettinger herself sees her films as the result of combinations. From impressions collected from museums, collections and archives that amazed you in a positive way.

In “The Beguiling of the Blue Sailors,” new poetic worlds open up using the method of collage: the film as a gathering of painting, photography, dance, architecture and rhythm. In the 1977 film Madame X – Eine divorced with ex-partner Tabea Blumenschein, Ottinger unleashes a cinematic witch’s sabbath of female sexuality.

The artist will be present in person at the Film Museum from May 26-30.

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