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Final Fantasy XVI: Ramuh, Bahamut, Odin, and Shiva skills

Final Fantasy XVI: Ramuh, Bahamut, Odin, and Shiva skills

The Playstation State of Play, which takes place on April 13, 2023 for the upcoming role-playing game Final Fantasy 16, will likely be seen as some kind of opening by all kinds of interested parties. For the first time you can admire a variety of locations and on top of that you learn more about the main hiding place, which Clive can return to at any time to recover from major political and emotional dramas.

Also for the first time, you can see more fighting skills than just Phoenix, Garuda, and Titan espers. The video portion of State of Play dedicated to combat is only about three minutes long, but in addition to the abilities from Phoenix, Titan, and Garuda, you can also see the attacks that Clive from Odin, Bahamut, Ramuh, and Shiva can use. We’ve been looking at the footage closely and trying to extrapolate what we’re seeing from Clive to the fighting style when he’s focused on Odin, Shiva, Ramuh or Bahamut. A little tip: pay attention to the color and its associated elements displayed in the upper left corner of the video, as this will tell you which one it is. The color codes look like this:

  • Phoenix: red
  • Garuda: green
  • Titanium: golden yellow
  • Shiva: Dark blue
  • spears: purple
  • Bahamut: Dark red
  • Odin: turquoise

Aim “exactly” for the spears
Source: Square Enix

Ramuh in Final Fantasy XVI

Dominus Ramuh Cidolfus is generally known to be “Cid” Telamon, who serves as Clive’s guide on his adventure. At 06:35 it’s Esper of Thunder’s turn. From minute 07:44 you can watch Ramuh’s lightning attacks again in action, once again demonstrating how quickly and easily you can switch back and forth between the three machines Clive has “focused on.” At 08:08 Ramuh could also be seen again. The player switches back and forth between Odin, Shiva, and Ramuh so quickly that it’s not clear what exactly triggers the Pile Drive.

  • exactly: You can mark points of impact on the enemy for the next lightning sequence, in which Clive unleashes and fires three lightning projectiles at the enemy from a distance. On the left side of the screen, a counter appears to be counting the number of targets – perhaps an indication of the ability boost on multiple targets, as lightning energy can bounce between enemies.
  • stack drive: invisible.
  • Thunder Storm: It appears that a small local bolt of lightning is summoned over the enemy Clive is aiming at, so you can cancel it yourself.
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Gungnir is from Odin's skill set

Gungnir is from Odin’s skill set
Source: Square Enix

Odin in Final Fantasy XVI

Barnabas Thurmer of Waluth is Odin’s Dominus. Fighting with Odin’s abilities seems more suited to close combat. You can watch scenes using skills in play from 06:57 and 07:49.

  • sky cloud Seems particularly strong against groups of opponents. When the skill is triggered, Clive moves from one enemy to the next at high speed, making them feel his blade.
  • Junior: With Gungnir, unleash a series of fast, spinning attacks.
  • Zantetsuken: With Odin’s attacks, you seem to be charging up the “Stance” Zantetsuken, which when triggered by pressing Square unleashes a very fast blade in front of Clive.
  • Rift panties Enemies gather together at Clive’s location before retreating out of harm’s way… and unleashing an area attack ^^

Shiva in Final Fantasy XVI

Gil Warrick, a childhood friend of Clive and Joshua, is the Dominus of Shiva. From minute 07:07 you can see some of Shiva’s abilities, which of course are based on Espers’ affinity for frost and ice. Also at 07:25 and 07:52 it is Shiva’s turn again.

Ice Age Shiva's skill set

Source: Square Enix

Mesmerized by Shiva's skill set

Source: Square Enix

  • ice Age: This skill summons a wave of ice ripples from the ground, striking enemies in front of Clive at up to medium range. Similar to Titan, this attack can be charged and triggered at the optimal time when it will next deal the most damage.
  • fascinate: With Mesmerize, Clive appears to unleash an area-of-effect attack around him that doesn’t damage enemies, but strikes them back.
  • framework: Frost produces an ice crystal that shoots enemies. As usual with the often localized ice magic in Final Fantasy, you’ll probably have to make sure you don’t push the opponent out of range of the crystal.
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Gigaflare is from Bahamut's skill set

Gigaflare is from Bahamut’s skill set
Source: Square Enix