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Final Fantasy XVI: The next installment in the series is supposed to be very different

Final Fantasy XVI: The next installment in the series is supposed to be very different

With Final Fantasy XVI, Square Enix took a bold step and completely changed the gameplay. The setting is also significantly different from its immediate predecessor and is based on dark fantasy. In at least one area, the next part of the chain must move again along new paths.

Instead of turn-based battles, Final Fantasy XVI offered you fast-paced, real-time action in the style of Devil May Cry, and the story was clearly inspired by Game of Thrones. However, a lot will change with the next part of the traditional series, as Square Enix's localization official Michael Christopher Koji-Fox explained in an interview.

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Nothing less than a “paradigm change” awaits Responsible Business Unit No. 3. Dark fantasy is thus a thing of the past, and the next installment should have a “carefree” character.

Of course, Michael Christopher Cogie Fox didn't go into great detail, but those details are still exciting. After all, Square Enix always emphasized in advance that a radical change in tone was extremely important to Final Fantasy. Especially compared to its immediate predecessor, Final Fantasy XV, there was a certain lightness missing; The adventure of Clive and his friends skillfully captures the mood of a medieval drama.

The translation also took a lot of work, explains Koji Fox. Every line of text was carefully studied before the team transferred it from Japanese to English so as not to dilute the author's intent.

Either way, we can't wait to see what Capcom has in store for us. The second DLC, The Rising Tide, was recently released for Final Fantasy XVI. However, the upcoming PC port of the main game will take some time to arrive, as can be read between the lines of game director Naoki Yoshida's statements.

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Final Fantasy XVI – The Rising Tide DLC Trailer

With “The Rising Tide,” Final Fantasy XVI will receive a larger expansion in April.