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He warns the player not to fast travel too much, and you might miss something – “Take your time, the game will reward you”

He warns the player not to fast travel too much, and you might miss something – “Take your time, the game will reward you”

The game world in Starfield is huge. There are hundreds of planets that we need to travel back and forth between. In order to advance faster, many players use the fast travel function. But one fan warns against using fast travel too much.

Why not over-travel fast? A player is reporting on the Reddit forumHe used excessively fast travel at first with conviction. It jumped directly from planet to planet and then immediately headed to the surface of the planet to land.

But then he realized that he had missed a lot of the game’s content. This is why he recommends using fast travel only when we are traveling quickly from the surface of the planet to a known location.

So we have to go to the cockpit, launch from the surface of the planet and aim in space using the X button on the console. However, we should not land directly on the surface of the planet, but rather take our time to tease out the possible events.

Spaceships are an important feature of Starfield:

Starfield Shipbuilding – Part of Deep Dive

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Many random events are possible in Starfield

What am I missing? There are many events that are in play when we are in space. This does not mean battles with other spaceships, but interactions with people from other spaceships.

User says he saw one of the best things Starfield has to offer. Cuts and cutscenes would ease the gameplay. This should make the game feel more immersive.

For example, random events include one where we are told that our spaceship insurance has expired. One user reported that he immediately attacked the other spacecraft, but they saved themselves with a gravitational jump.

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In another event, the player encounters a spaceship that has traveled through space for 200 years to reach this solar system. Up until that point the crew had been thought to be the last people alive.

We’ve collected more stories for you here:

  • No_Reply_GHoster: “Yesterday I encountered a sysdef ship that wanted to deliver a package to Spaceport Atlantis. Quick balance 7.5K.”
  • Sandshiger: “That’s right. If I didn’t use fast travel, I’d never meet Grandma!”
  • DarthDeimos6624: “I met a geologist who wanted rare minerals that I didn’t have, but she talked to me about things. Her ship’s gravitational engine was old and worn out. It took a while for it to get going, and you could tell by her tone that she was very awkward and uncomfortable. Eventually she jumped in.” And her ship jumped away mid-sentence.

Another user describes that he is not always in the mood for random conversations. As a result, he sporadically decides whether to use fast travel a lot or take his time on such random encounters.

What are your experiences with random encounters? Have you ever had them? Which one do you like?

A player may have used the extra time saved by fast travel to fill his spaceship with potatoes: a player fills his cockpit with thousands of potatoes and the community thinks they’re “pretty”