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Final preparations for Sunday’s elections –

Final preparations for Sunday’s elections –

On Sundays from 4 pm, ORF Carinthia reports on the first results of the elections – on TV, radio, online and also in social media. Every five years, that means a large technical unit in and around the state government.

Even outdoor broadcast truck parking is not for the faint of heart. Centimeter work at Arnulfsplatz. Experience helps a lot. Eight cameras are broadcasting from here. It’s always a challenge to digest all the techniques and then still have enough room for interviewing, analysis, and research. Photographer Alfred Bean has already done many of these live broadcasts, Kevin Haas is there for the first time – as master of lighting. “Sunday is going to be a long day, but it’s good for us,” said Haas.

Final preparations for state elections

Technology changes from one choice to another

Teamwork also prevails in the cabinet meeting room. ORF Radio and online report here. Florian Lederer controls the equipment with which RTE reporters will report from the campaign parties, which have seven sub-offices. Technology changes from one election to the next. We broadcast over the cellular network. We have many mobile service providers installed in the device and use it to transmit all over the world,” says Lederer.


Lightmaster Kevin Haas and photographer Alfred Bean (left to right)

What cannot be ruled out is the large outdoor broadcast truck brought from Vienna. After the opera ball and ski races, he is in Klagenfurt for the live broadcast. Partly with the Carinthian team. The problem is with the entire circuits, who has to get which tone. “We have a lot of live branch offices at party headquarters, so there are a lot of conference calls,” says ORF sound engineer Carinthia Bernhard Engl.

in the broadcast cart


A look inside the transport truck

400 journalists and technicians

No one can tell what might happen in a live broadcast. But you are prepared for emergencies. “A complete blackout is something I’ve had to experience before. In this case, we still have our reserves in the studios that we can get back there,” says director and artistic director Klaus Vakschutz. 400 journalists and technicians from various media outlets were accredited for Sunday’s elections. The countdown is on.

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