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Creative Challenge 2023: Creativity Award for Young Artists

Creative Challenge 2023: Creativity Award for Young Artists

Triebwerk awards creative prizes to young artists. This year’s motto: “Sam”

Wiener Neustadt (red). Pictures, videos, poems, songs or drawings. The engine wants them all. Traditionally, the Youth and Culture Center starts this spring a “Creative Challenge”, in which young people under the age of 30 can present their artwork and thus have the opportunity to win prizes in five categories. We want to encourage young people to be creative. In the last two years we have received more than 70 offers from young artists, ”says Harald Steiner from Treebwerk.

The deadline for submitting entries is April 16, 2023. Also this year, the motto is a youthful word that any young person can interpret freely. “The motto is ‘toxic.’ Literally translated, it means ‘poisonous.’ Of course, that leaves a lot of room for interpretation, but that’s what we wanted,” says Marie Hankamp. Based on this theme, new works will now be created in the fields of “music”, “photography”, “video”, “photos and sculptures” and “short stories and poems”. By the way, photos and videos can be created in Triebwerk Media Lab. The equipment and the room itself are freely available there. More information is available here:

Entries in the five categories will be reviewed again by a jury consisting of last year’s winners. Winners will be selected at the beginning of May. Accurate information about the request for tenders is now available online here: