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World Concert Tour – Musician Pressbaumer Gandalf: New Album for the Seventies

With his new album, Gandalf invites you on a concert tour around the world. He worked on his Earth Symphony for two years. And the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra will be there. “Using a digital plug-in, I was able to play sounds and instruments from the Berlin Philharmonic in the studio for my orchestral arrangements. It was intense work, but it paid off,” explains Gandalf.

The world-class artist has recorded many instruments himself. Especially stringed instruments such as the Chinese harp of the Asian piece. Gandalf’s Musical Guide devotes a separate composition to the distinct dialects of each continent. The pieces are connected to a common ground motif.

For the European piece “Floating Along the Danube”, the musician chose the Danube as a symbol. “The Danube seemed like a good option to me. It meanders through parts of Europe, and I’ve been living on the Danube for some time,” says Gandalf. He was supported by two guest musicians, cellist Merrick Helmar and violinist Judith Steiner. He would also like to perform the album live with an orchestra.

In early December, Gandalf celebrates his seventieth birthday. “It was a Christmas like any other. Just because the number seven in front of it now doesn’t make me feel old. As an entertainer you don’t retire, I want to keep creating and I will as long as I feel good about it,” Gandalf affirms his delight in the music. “I don’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore, after all this is my 35th album. Musically, I’m just doing what I enjoy, without any guidelines.” Thankfully, the new album runs exactly 70 minutes.