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Find Zygarde cells and use cubes – how to change shape

Find Zygarde cells and use cubes – how to change shape

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from: Noah Struthoff

In Pokémon GO, you can now find Zygarde Cells, use the Zygarde Cube, and switch forms of Pokémon. We’ll show you how.

San Francisco – In Pokémon GO, Zygarde is available through a new Special Research. The Pokemon in the game come in 3 different forms and can be changed using cells and dice. But how exactly do you do that? We’ll show you how to find the Zygarde Cells, find the Zygarde Cube, and finally, shapeshift the Zygarde.

The name of the game Pokemon GO
Version (date first published) 06 July 2016
Publishers niantic
series Pokemon
platforms Android and iOS
Developer niantic
Type Augmented reality, mobile

Pokémon GO: Find Zygarde cells and use the dice – here’s how

Where can you find Zygarde cells? You can find Zygarde Cells with the new Routes feature in Pokémon GO. This allows you to create routes or follow the routes of other trainers. Zygrade cells then appear along the path of these paths, which you can collect. They appear as small stars directly on the ground in the game. Take a closer look, because sometimes the cells go a little lower on a green background.

So far, the path feature is the only way to find Zygrade cells in the game. So you have to follow the methods diligently to find enough cells for Zygarde transformation.

How do you get Zygarde Dice? This cube is essential for hunting Zygarde cells. There you can save and collect cells. You can’t do it without this cube. You can only obtain the Zygarde Cube by completing the Special Research A to Zygarde. Full details of this Special Research can be found here: Pokémon GO: From A to Zygarde Special Research – All Tasks and Rewards

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Pokémon GO: Zygarde with cells and cubes © Niantic (montage)

Pokémon GO: Zygarde Change Form – This is how you get the best form

How to change the shape of Zygarde? There are total 3 Zygarde skins in the game that you can collect. You start with the 10% dog shape. You can then convert them using Zygarde forms:

  • 10% form: Directly at level 3 of the special research “From A to Zygarde” you get a 10% mod
  • 50% form: For this you need 50 Zygrade cells to change the shape of 10% to the shape of 50%
  • optimal form: For this you need 200 Zygarde cells to change the shape of 50% to the optimal shape
  • Reshape: If you want to return the peak form to the 50% or 10% form, you will need to use Zygarde Candy and Stardust.

This is a brand new game mechanic in Pokémon GO and the Path feature plays an important role right from the start. So you can take full advantage of all this, there’s also a corresponding event: Pokémon GO: New Paths event with Zygarde finally unlocks routes and rewards today.