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Nintendo Wii & DSi: Store channels offline for maintenance

Nintendo Wii & DSi: Store channels offline for maintenance

Anyone with a Nintendo Wii or a DSi Owned, he has not been able to use the store channels of the two platforms for over a week. The Japanese console manufacturer has now commented on the issue and confirmed that maintenance work is underway.

Aloud Eurogamer For days now, Wii and DSi owners have only seen a white screen with an error message when accessing the respective store channel. The problem is said to have been happening since March 16th. Nintendo has now confirmed that maintenance is currently underway. However, the publisher has not announced when the platforms will be available again. Why Nintendo hasn’t announced the business is still open. Store channels are only used by a few users anyway.

Games can no longer be purchased

In any case, the Wii and DSi Store channels are only available to redownload titles that have already been purchased. Since support for older consoles is now largely discontinued some time ago, it hasn’t been possible to buy games across online platforms for years. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that Nintendo will completely close the channels in the near future. It is unclear if the publisher will announce a date for this in advance. It is therefore advisable to install the purchased games as soon as the platforms become available again.

Last month, Nintendo had announce.’s eShop Wei Yu The 3DS will be offline in just over a year. By the end of 2023 at the latest, it will not be possible to purchase new content for both consoles. From May 23, 2022, it will no longer be possible to load funds into your eShop account. However, as with the Wii and DSi, it should still be possible to redownload purchased games and additional content.

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