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Fire brigade disaster response simulation –

Fire brigade disaster response simulation –


More than 100 members of fire brigades in Lower Austria recently took part in the EU-wide disaster exercise “New Wave Poland 2023”. By completing the exercise, fire brigades will be able to provide assistance in other EU countries in the event of an emergency.

According to the Lower Austria Fire Brigades Association, the EU-wide disaster exercise “New Wave Poland 2023” has proven to be a test of the ability to provide assistance in future emergencies in other EU countries.

It was about the certification of the “Flood Containment” unit of the European Civil Protection Mechanism. There were 101 helpers from Lower Austria along with people from Belgium, Finland, Croatia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. Twelve cars, 19 trucks and 15 trailers headed to the disaster drills.

Assistants are trained in different situations

The default situation was prolonged rainfall and flooding around Warsaw. Paramedics were not spared from managing international training and had to work through different scenarios, according to the State Fire Brigades Association. Among other things, the Vistula River had to be crossed in order to protect residential buildings that were no longer accessible by road. In addition, the entire camp had to be evacuated due to a mock fire.

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We returned home on Friday and were congratulated on the achievements from many quarters. “I am very proud of what our volunteers are doing. We have been able to present ourselves at the highest level in direct international comparison. Many thanks to all the exercise participants for their participation and for their willingness to help in emergency situations,” said State Fire Chief Dietmar Fhrafelner.

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Praise from politicians for fire brigade members

Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP) stressed the “professionalism and commitment” of fire brigades in Lower Austria. LH deputy Stefan Bernkopf (ÖVP) was also “proud”. “We can always count on our comrades. Not only do they provide protection and help at home, but they are also often in demand in other countries when professional help, expertise and commitment are needed. By doing so, they provide solidarity that will return,” says Bernkopf. In case of emergency.”

All tasks have been completed, said Operations Manager Christian Edlinger. Team leader Stefan Stiller recalls that teamwork is “the key to disaster operations.”