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First-class Waldviertel – failures at Weitra: is the relegation battle real?

First-class Waldviertel – failures at Weitra: is the relegation battle real?

Of course, the table doesn’t say anything after the round – however it’s possible that the current bottom of the table, Witra, will still be in the table vault for the next few weeks. “I smiled when I read that we were considered one of the contenders for the championship,” says coach Klaus Dobler. Indeed, a few weeks ago he told NÖN that he would be very satisfied with a place in midfield, and that under certain conditions you could also take part in the relegation battle.

The reasons are clear: in the summer two of the best performers left, and only one was added. And now a lot of combat team players are injured. Bernard Müller will be out for an indefinite period, Marcel Katzenschlager tore his ankle ligaments (unconfirmed vacation), Jiri Havelka is still missing due to injury, as well as Martin Pobelka who injured his knee in front of Gmund and is still in pain. . “This week we made an appointment for him in Austria to take the MTR exam. After that, there must be clarity, ”explains department head Martin Huber.

Striker Roman Wermke has been on the injured list since Saturday due to problems with his Achilles tendon. Doppler feared a break of up to six weeks. Complementary player Alexander Kovinger has also been unavailable for a few weeks. So there is a lack of penetrating power in the attack, and the defense as well as the goalkeeper are now exposed to special challenges. “I think the injured will be out for four to six weeks. The only positive news is that Tobias Rozeluka, who missed Albrechtsburg on holiday, will attack again on the wing in Nundorf on Sunday,” Doppler said.

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Personnel problems are so severe that the coach had to call up substitute keeper Christoph Hoppiger as a field player against Albrechtsburg on Saturday and replace him after 70 minutes with 45-year-old Jurgen Spitzer. Marco Hoffmann, who had no match or training in his legs, remained in action for more than 90 minutes. Doppler is a little low key when it comes to increasing points: “Originally, I set 15 points as my fall target. Considering the unstable situation, I have to cut it down to 12.”

It is now up to his team to educate the coach better. At least the draw means good for the people of Braustadt in the coming weeks. After the game in Nondorf, local rivals St. Martin by visiting the Braustadt Stadium. In September Brand Nagelberg, Schwarzenau, Langschlag and Rexendorf are all opponents who should be on equal terms. Only in the last week of September, a large part of the first leg awaits in Kotsen. By then, the hospital should have been cleared.

The other good news is that, despite the many absences, the reserves did not have to be abolished, unlike last year, when she could not compete four times due to a staff shortage. “More than half of the squad is made up of players from last year’s U15 team. They still have to learn the ropes,” sighs Doppler, who adds that youngster, newly signed Bastien Kitzler is the talented third-choice goalkeeper alongside Schlögel and Christoph Hoebegger.